The Accompanists’ Guild of SA offers advanced student and young professional composers between the ages of 17 and 33 the opportunity to compose a work to be included in their 2018 Festival –2 PIANOS 2 PIANISTS.

1. Award Details: One composition will be selected for inclusion in the Accompanists’ Festival Elder Hall Recital on Sunday June 17, 2018 at 2.30 to be performed by renowned duo pianists LISA MOORE and SONYA LIFSCHITZ.

2. Award value: $500 PLUS the significant opportunity to compose for two professional pianists of international   standing  particularly in the performance of new music – as soloists and in ensemble. Premiere performance and recording.

3. Applicants: South Australian resident advanced student and young professional composers between the ages of 17 & 33

4. Instrumentation: Two acoustic grand pianos – may include use of (unamplified) voice and text. NB: No utilization of inside piano techniques such as string preparation or touching. No electronics. Standard tuning.

5. Length: 6 to approximately 8 minutes.

6. Application: Written Intention to Participate is due on Thursday March 1 2018 – email Word document to: The Convenor, 2018 Accompanists’ Festival Guild include:

• proof of age (driver’s licence, passport)

• proof of South Australian residency (driver’s licence, passport)

• your contact details: address, phone numbers, email address

• a short biography (150 words) indicating current study (if applicable) and composition achievements

• Include the statement: “In making this application, I agree to abide by the Award Details stated in the Accompanists’ Guild Composition Award 2018” – sign and date.

7. Score Submission: due date Thursday March 29 – forward by email in PDF format clearly marked with applicant’s name to,, meeting the following stipulations required by the performers:

  • Score should be easily legible, proofread, engraved with computer notation, and submitted in PDF format for reading on an IPad PRO (therefore page turns are not a factor).
  • Accidentals: attention should be paid to accidentals in order to avoid certain spellings – particularly augmented seconds or thirds e.g.: C-D#, G-A#. If no key signature, all accidentals should be included within each bar. Key signatures are acceptable (if there is a key).
  • Notehead size to be roughly the same as an Urtext edition of Beethoven Sonata
  • Use 2 systems per page, each system split into Piano 1 and Piano 2. i.e. 4 lines of music per page
  • Use 2-4 bars per system depending on density.
  • Music be evenly spaced rhythmically throughout each measure and system (no crushing, cramping, bleeding)

8. Selection is by the performers , the duo pianists Lisa Moore and Sonya Lifschitz.

9. Notification: of the selected composition will be made to the composer by the convenor by Monday May 28.

10. Rehearsal: the chosen composition will be briefly rehearsed by the Duo before arriving in Adelaide on Thursday June 14 and during the Festival on Friday June 15 ( time TBA) and during the Accompanists’ Conference and on June 16 prior to the premiere performance on June 17 . Despite the virtuosity of the performers, applicants should keep in mind the limited rehearsal time.

11. Performance: Recital on Sunday June 17 at 2.30 in Elder Hall.

12. The selection of the winning composition is final and no correspondence shall be entered into with any entrant or with any other person.

13. The Guild has the right to withhold the Composition Award should the pianists Lisa Moore and Sonya Lifschitz decide no composition is appropriate.

14.  In entering this competition applicants must include point 6v in their application.

The Accompanists’ Guild reserves the right to alter dates, venues or personnel as necessary.

Diana Harris OAM Founder, Accompanists’ Guild of SA Inc. Convenor, 2018 Festival of Accompanists.

Phone 0407 818 838 or email