1. This Register of Accompanists resident in South Australia has been compiled by the Guild and all pianists included in the Register are A.G.S.A. members.
  2. All information provided has been supplied by the accompanists themselves and the Guild accepts no responsibility for its accuracy.
  3. All negotiations for accompanying services and fees are to be mutually arranged between the accompanist and the interested parties. The Guild will not enter into any such negotiations.
    (See Guidelines for the Payment of Accompanists)
  4. The Guild will not provide further information regarding the accompanists listed.
  5. All status ratings (Professional, Semi-professional, Amateur, Student) are each accompanist’s own submission. The Guild accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of status. Accompanists joining after 2007 & nominating as Professional may be required to undertake a short audition with 2 members of the AGSA Committee.
  6. Copies of the Register of Accompanists are free to members and will be distributed to various institutions. They are also available from the Guild Secretary phone (08) 8431 6030, for $10.00, or you may wish to use the order form at the end of the booklet (download here).
  7. The Guild cannot be held responsible for the conduct of members. However, reports of unprofessional conduct of members will be investigated by the committee and may result in exclusion from subsequent registers.

The Register of Accompanists

Forward to The Register

Guidelines for the Payment of Accompanists

List of Accompanists by Area and Postcode

Alphabetical Listing of Accompanists

General Information
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