Accompanists’ Guild AGM 2024

President’s Report

Welcome to you all, thank you for coming to the AGSA AGM 2024.

I present to you my President’s Report, the last one for me in this office.

Although there have been a few challenges for me in the role over the past 5 years, I have really enjoyed working with the members of the council and the wider music community and it has been very rewarding to be able to present new ideas.

Thank you to the AGSA council members, what a wonderful team they are and continue to be.

To Koula, Monika, Damien, Gina, Diana, Meredith, Haowei, Frances and John Macri as Honorary Treasurer

As I’m sure you can’t have missed, 2023 was a very important milestone in the history of AGSA, being our fortieth anniversary, our Ruby Celebration.

So throughout the year, we tried to colour everything a ruby red!

The year began with a visit from our international patron, Phillip Moll and his wife Yuko Takemici.

They are committed international travellers, were we so how lucky that they were visiting Australia at this time!

Diana and Peter Harris, as well as hosting Phillip and Yuko, did a wonderful job of organising their visit which included the Duo Session for Piano and Flute and Piano and Voice, held at the Conservatorium on Friday February 3 and Monday February 6.


Thomas Saunders           piano

Lisa Gill                        flute

Poulenc Sonata for Flute and Piano

Shawn Hui                    piano

Jenny Hu                       flute

Prokofiev Sonata for Flute and Piano

Haowei Yang                 piano

Lucy Stoddart                soprano

Schubert Gretchen am Spinrade

Poulenc Hôtel from Banalités

Jenny Su                       piano

Lucy Stoddart                soprano

Schubert An die Musik

Fauré Notre amour

Sachiko Hidaka              piano

Katelyn Crawford           soprano

Ravel Histoires Naturelles

Guests: Anthony Hunt     piano

Jessica Dean      soprano

Phillip was a very engaging and informative leader, and the performers in the sessions benefited greatly from experience.

Government House Reception

13th February

A reception on February 13th at Government House was a grand start to the year. It was just wonderful to see so many friends of the Guild, going back over the years. We sent invitations to over 100 people and we were delighted that about 70 people were able to attend.

It was a very special evening for the Guild, and of course the Governor, The Honorable Frances Adamson and her husband, Mr Rod Bunten were generous and welcoming hosts.

Phillip Moll rearranged his schedule to be present at the reception, and as well we had interstate visitors including David Miller from the Accompanists’ Guild of NSW.

As well as speeches from the Governor and the Guild president, we were entertained with a short performance by two very talented young performers, Samantha Li (piano) and James Skelton (clarinet) – 3rd Movement of the Sonatina for Clarinet and Piano by Joseph Horovitz.

The Young Accompanists’ Showcase (YAS) and the Junior Ensemble Musicians (JEMS) continue to provide the strongest backbone to the educational aspect of the Accompanists’ Guild.

Young Accompanists’ Showcase

Under the direction of Gina Macri, the YAS masterclass led by Nerissa Pearce for secondary school pianists with professional soloists was held at Marryatville High School on May 28th with the concert on June 18th.


1.         MOZART Sonata K304 in E minor, 1st movt.  Allegro

Lanah Baker piano and Paris Nettingviolin

2.         Franz STRAUSS Nocturne

Genpei (Lumos) Zhang piano and Emma Gregan horn

3.         SCHUMANN, Fantiestücke Op73

                        Natasha Paran piano and Hamish Netting cello 

4.         BEETHOVEN Sonata Op24 in F major, 1st movt. Allegro

                        Yingying Shu piano and Paris Netting violin

5.         BRUCH Romanze Op 85

                        Chris Wenpiano and Justin Julian viola

6.         VINTER Hunters Moon

                        Genpei (Lumos) Zhang piano and Emma Gregan horn


Our Junior Ensemble Musicians continue strongly under the very committed leadership of Monika Laczofy.

The Guild provides an opportunity for six or seven young pianists still in primary school to enjoy a new experience, that of performing as accompanist or ensemble pianist with like-minded musicians of their own age.                    

All participants are from primary school students who have reached a minimum standard equivalent to thirdgrade AMEB and are currently taking lessons with a teacher.

The pianists are joined by instrumentalists and/or singers chosen by the Convenor in consultation with teachers. The results of preparation are presented in a recorded and filmed public concert, recorded by 5MBS.

1st Concert

June 8               St.Andrew’s School, Walkerville

Masterclass presenter: Minas Berberyan

Cindy & Charlotte Chen  Piano duet 

Chutong Liang piano                  Jessica Dong     Violin

Hannah Mai piano                      Renee Yang Flute  

Bonnie Qu piano                         Ada Wang Viola 

Isaac Schiavone piano                 Genevieve Lim Oboe

Ivan Leong piano                       Emily Wu Cello 

Ella Cheng piano                        Harold Dai Violin

Ella Cheng & Lara Wu    Piano duet

2nd Concert

September 25                 North Adelaide Baptist Church Hall

Masterclass Presenter: Anna Coppens

Piano Duo    Isabella Li & Oscar Ma                         

Wind Quintet with Piano                      

Ryan Weinert piano Christina Cao flute, Bridget Wong oboe, Kate Cao clarinet, Chelsea Hercus horn, Lucas Willson bassoon

Piano Duo – Lara Wu & Nicole He

Wind Quintet with 2 Pianos – Saint Säens Carnival of the Animals (Selection)

Royal March         Sarah Mah piano, Jessica Mah flute, Chloe clarinet, Bridget oboe, Lina horn, Clara bassoon

Tortoises                 Sarah Mah Chloe, Lina Berisa

Elephant                 Ella Cheng piano    Lina Berisa, Clara.

Aquarium                Ella Cheng & Olivia Rachwal piano, Jessica Mah, Chloe, Bridget Wong, Clara.

Cuckoo                   Sarah Mah Jessica, Chloe, Lina, Clara

Pianists                   Caitlyn Sam-Ling & Ada Wang

Swan                       Lina Berisa piano, Bridget

Finale                     Ella Cheng & Hadassah Zeng piano, Jessica, Chloe, Bridget, Lina, Clara

 Ruby Festival

As this was such an important year for us, we were delighted to be able to join with the Elder Conservatorium to present a day of concerts and discussion to celebrate the anniversary.

From the beginning of 2023, we met with and negotiated with representatives from the Conservatorium to craft a program which would showcase and support our young South Australian musicians.

Anna Goldsworthy, Director of the Conservatorium, was a generous collaborator and we were able to work with the members of the piano faculty and use the facilities of the Con for our Festival.

The AGSA council worked tirelessly over the preceding months alongside staff from the Conservatorium to bring together a superb group of performers.

On the day, we presented five concerts ranging from students from the Open Academy and Junior Ensemble Musicians to graduate pianists with professional soloists and finally a concert given by the Piano and Instrumental Faculty.

In amongst this, an important ceremony was held to induct our founder, Diana Harris, into the South Australian Hall of Fame.

It was indeed a happy day of high level music making and socializing.

It was a grand effort on the part of both organisations, but special thanks must go to Yundi Yuan from the Conservatorium and Koula Raptis from the AGSA Council.

Geoffrey Parsons Award

Bishop Hall on Sunday September 10th

This prestigious award attracted pianists from interstate as well as South Australia.

Jury for the final: Clemens Leske, Diana Harris OAM, Lachlan Bramble, Stephen Whittington.


Paul Cheung – piano                               Wendy Kong – violin

Cindy Luo – piano                                  Stephen King – viola 

Simón Pazos Quintana – piano                 Sam Peng – horn

Dono Ng Ching Pong – piano                   Mattea Osenk – violin

Guest Soloist: Joshua Oates oboe

Winner: Paul Cheung $5000

Sponsored Winston Music prize $1000: Cindy Luo

Finalists prizes $1000: Simón Pazos Quintana, Dono Ng Ching Pong

SA Ruby Awards

We were delighted to learn that our founder of the Accompanists’ Guild of South Australia, Diana Harris was shortlisted as the nominee for the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2023.

As the ceremony coincided with our end of year party, Diana and Meredith Wilson made a quick party visit then proceeded to the Festival Centre.

We were delighted to receive the news that she was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award for her tireless work not only for the Guild, but also for her extraordinary career in performance and music education.

5MBS broadcasts

These broadcasts have been an important way for the Guild to maintain a connection with the outside world and publicise events and the work that the Guild does in supporting musicians.

I would like to give a big thank you to Mary Peterson of 5MBS who has recorded our programs over the past couple of years.

Mary is meticulous in her technical management of the programs, indeed I think she has turned it into an artform. I encourage you to listen – they are on Saturday mornings at 10am, with the possibility of post listening if you are teaching or are at a yoga class!

The Guild representatives for the broadcasts in 2023 were:
Leonie Hempton, Diana Harris, Damien Mansfield and Koula Raptis.

Finally, I would like to mention two of our loyal AGSA members who have died in 2023.

Mary Le Page and Joan Atkinson were among the early members of the Guild.

Both gave faithful and continued support over the years and both have left lasting marks on the work of the Guild.

Leonie Hempton OAM