by Monika Laczofy

Our JEMs again excelled! We’re always amazed and delighted by the number of very dedicated and talented young music lovers we have in our primary schools. Whether their home background has any music in it or not, they continually spring up like wildflowers.

Fourteen musicians took part in this year’s event, preparations beginning with their individual teachers, then a masterclass given by one of Adelaide’s foremost accompanists Jamie Cock.

Further rehearsing, with the help of willing parents and teachers, led to a most impressive and exciting concert in Pilgrim Church on July 27. This was recorded by the ever supportive Radio 5MBS and each performer received a CD.

PIANISTS Marc Vaccaro, Daniel Milton, Gary Peng, Tim Tran, Thomas Brennan accompanied INSTRUMENTALISTS Marissa Kha (flute), Caitlin Little, Holly Burn and Isaac Pham (clarinet), Alannah Pham (saxophone and flute), Jasmine Milton and Haneulle Lovell (violin), Marina Olijnyk and Hilary Swanson (‘cello).

They played duo, trio and quintet arrangements of works by Bach, LeFevre, Mozart, Dvorak, Elgar, Toselli, Saint Saens, Offenbach and Debussy.

Their performance was followed by a short professional program especially designed ‘FOR JEMs’, given by another star of the Adelaide accompanying field, pianist Mark Sandon, with colleagues clarinettist Anna Coleman and ‘cellist Mason Stanton. Their program included a first performance of a composition by Adelaide composer Sebastian Phlox.

The aim of this part of the annual AGSA Festival is to give young pianists a glimpse of the possibilities open to them as musicians – not only solo playing but the much wider field of sharing their musical joy with others!