The Piano-Cello Duo

June 12-13, 2021

Daniel de Borah piano | Umberto Clerici cello

Daniel de Borah, piano
Umberto Clerici, cello

Daniel is highly acclaimed for his work in solo recital, concerto, collaborative recital with singers and instrumentalists, and in chamber music. Umberto has performed widely in concerto, chamber music, and as principal cello in several orchestras internationally, since 2014 the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

Saturday June 12 from 1.00pm-6.30pm
One day Conference led by Daniel and Umberto, including a masterclass for emerging artists, performances by young musicians, discussion and a workshop of the AGSA Composition Award 2020.
North Adelaide Baptist Church Hall
154 Tynte Street, North Adelaide

Sunday June 13 from 2.30pm-4.00pm
Daniel de Borah and Umberto Clerici perform Mendelssohn and Chopin and the winning work of the 2020 Composition Award.
Elder Hall, University of Adelaide

EARLY BIRD PRIZES: Complimentary tickets for ASO Masters and possibly more! (Book before May 20).


For further information please email the Convener: Damien Mansfield at