The Accompanists’ Guild of South Australia is a non-profit-making society of practising Accompanists and supporters of the Art of Accompaniment.

Amongst other things, the Guild Committee arranges:

  1. An annual series of Events highlighting accompanists and accompanying – and providing educational opportunities for accompanists.
  2. The publication and distribution of a biennial Register of Accompanists advertising the services of members who wish to be listed.
  3. Fundraisers to support the Guild’s activities, most importantly the Geoffrey Parsons Award which aims to encourage excellence in the Art of Accompaniment.

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The Australian Strings Association (AUSTA) is a professional association of players and makers of bowed string instruments which promotes excellence in all aspects of performance, teaching, conducting and string instrument making. AUSTA aims to inspire and support students, amateurs and professionals and also to facilitate communication at local, national and international levels.