The 2017 Young Accompanists’ Showcase was very successful for all involved. The soloists were: Naomi Hede, soprano, Alison Heike, violin, Keith Hempton, bass and Charles Klein, oboe.

Feedback from some of the Showcase pianists:

Hannah Chu
Participating in the Accompanists’ Guild of South Australia’s “Young Accompanist’s Showcase” was not only an enjoyable experience but a must for all piano students looking to improve their dexterity and understanding. Through the masterclass, time spent rehearsing with professional soloists and performances, students are able to engage and learn the skills for effective accompaniment. Truly a commendable experience.

Gigi Kuang
My involvement in the accompanists’ showcase taught me elements of piano playing that I was unaware of before. In this case, the presence of a singer in my performance was a new variable in piano playing in addition to existing variables such as pedalling etc, this improved my precision in piano playing as I was no longer just ‘playing’ for myself. In addition, it taught me the complexity of piano playing when it’s not solo playing, as well as the level of difficulty and the techniques required to play an instrument with other members. Some of the most beneficial things gained from this experience are the musical knowledge learnt and the processes I underwent, including learning, refining of techniques, reflecting and application of knowledge. Though my pieces were very simple compared to others’ pieces, the entire learning process and experience has indeed improved my piano playing.

Will Horan
I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in the Young Accompanists Showcase. It was a unique and extremely memorable opportunity. Working and then performing alongside a professional musician was not only a great learning experience but huge amounts of fun. Participating in the showcase opened my eyes to both the subtleties and the possibilities of the piano as an accompaniment instrument. Having had this experience I am now hoping to have other accompanying opportunities. I enjoyed the program and would highly recommend it any piano player looking to expand their boundaries. Thanks again for everything that you did for the showcase.

Wesley Tang
Having attended the YAS program for the second time, this year’s repertoire was definitely much more challenging compared to last years both technically and musically. I had a lot of fun learning this piece and putting it together with my soloist as it is a beautiful piece. The masterclass with Jamie Cock was very insightful as he helped me play more sensitively and responsively with the soloist. Being able to perform at two different venues was also a very valuable experience as I enjoy performing. This years YAS program was very fun and I will definitely apply for YAS again next year.

Haowei Yang
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to perform to such wonderful people. I really enjoyed my time doing the young accompanist showcase. I’ve learnt a lot from this experience including how to be independent and organise everything yourself. It has also helped me to become a better pianist as working with someone is very different to playing be yourself. It has made me realise all the things to keep in mind when you accompany someone. Overall, it was very fun to work with a variety of people and to improve my piano skills.


L-R: Hannah Chu, Adden Chin, Emily Anand, William Horan, Gigi Kwang, Wesley Tang and Haowei Yang.