The Beginning

Tuesday May 3 1983 7.30 pm at the Flinders Street School of Music

Initial meeting arranged by Diana Harris and attended by

1. Romola Costantino 2. Maryleigh Hand 3. Diana Harris
4. Shirley Hicks 5. David Lockett 6. Noreen Stokes
7. Anne Whelan
With apologies from
8. Lance Dossor 9. Alison Holder 10. David McSkimming
11. Stephen Walter

Thursday 28 July at 8.00pm in Room 16 at the Flinders Street SOM

General Meeting – attended by approx 60 with apologies from a further 24


  1. Noreen Stokes – Welcome and introduction of Guest Speaker
  2. Elizabeth Silsbury – Guest Speaker
  3. Diana Harris – Outline of May 3 meeting.
  4. Romola Costantino – chairing discussion
  5. David Lockett – taking nominations and conducting election of office bearers
  6. Supper

AGSA Steering Committee 1983

Anderson, Malcolm (1st Treasurer) Hastwell, Rosalie
Costantino, Romola (1st President) Hicks, Shirley
Donovan, Jenny Holder, Alison (1st Vice- President)
Fitton, Kaye Stokes, Noreen
Gallant, Kerry Weekes, Diana
Hand, Maryleigh White, Audrey
Harris, Diana (1st Secretary) Wray, Heather

16 August, 20 September, 17 October

Three Interim Committee Meetings established the basics for the Guild including

Incorporation Title – “Accompanists’ Guild of SA Inc”

Membership fees – Full $20, Concession $8.00

Patron – Geoffrey Parsons to be approached by E Silsbury

Constitution and other basics for an incorporated body were identified

The Opening Concert

October 24 1984 – 8pm Inaugural Concert in the FSSOM Recital Room

Presented by Stephen McIntyre – Piano (later Patron of the Guild) and Christopher Bogg – tenor (arranged by Stephen in place of Dean Patterson who fell ill with laryngitis. Christopher was performing with State Opera in The Magic Flute) – Schubert selections from Die Schöne Mullerin and Vaughan Williams Songs of Travel. The concert was favourably reviewed by Stephen Whittington in The Advertiser on 25/10/83.

Approx. 90 attended and $1166 was collected from membership fees and concert admissions

14 November 1983: Financial Members – 64

1984 – The First Full Year

Permanent Committee

Romola Costantino – President

Alison Holder and Stephen Walter – Vice Presidents

Diana Harris – Secretary

Diana Weekes – Assistant Secretary

Malcolm Anderson – Treasurer

Committee Members

Ann Indra-Anthony, Jenny Donovan, Kaye Fitton, Kerry Gallant (later replaced by Denise Rothall) , Cheryl Hawke (West), Maryleigh Hand, Noreen Stokes, Gil Sullivan, Anne Whelan, Audrey White (16)

Constitution/Incorporation sub-committee

– chaired by Malcolm Anderson

Accompanists’ Prize Committee

– chaired by Romola Costantino.

Program Committee

– chaired by Diana Harris

1984 Financial Members – 87

Guild’s first advocacy

DK Weekes’ contract with TAFE to be terminated. Letters to Premier etc. Contract later extended for 3 years.

AGSA logo

Finalized by August – Committee members submitted ideas, Mrs Sandra Schwarz provided professional examples. The final chosen example was suggested by Diana Weekes and refined by Mrs Schwarz.

1984 Events

Feb 27 – Masterclass

  • Romola Costantino
  • Adele Anthony violin and Ann Indra Anthony piano
  • Tisi Dutton mezzo and Jillianne Bartsch piano
  • Christopher Bonney flute and Jenny Donovan piano

June 13 – The Choral Repetiteur

  • Elizabeth Silsbury conductor, Stephen Walter piano, The Adelaide Chorus

July 31 – Work as a Music Branch pianist

  • Mary Le Page

September 10 – A Soloist’s Requirements of the Accompanist

  • Ronald Woodcock violin, Rodney Smith piano

October 23 The Accompanists’ Prize of $200

  • Panel – Stefan Ammer, Romola Costantino, Noreen Stokes
  • Guest Soloist for set material – soprano, Jennifer Walter
  • Finalists
  • Jillianne Bartsch with Ben Lea violin
  • Rosalie Hastwell with Toby Lea violin
  • Bernard Depasquale with Sarah Baldacchino violin
  • Pauline Baker with Raelene Jones soprano
  • The winner – Bernard Depasquale

December 14 1984

The first of the many glamorous fundraising dinners held in the home of Diana and Peter Harris – chef Robert Hunter.

Views of the Guild’s Program since 1984


Stephen McIntyre AM Victoria College of the Arts and our first recitalist 1983 continuing
Noreen Stokes OAM South Australian notable pianist and pedagogue 1986 continuing
Geoffrey Parsons OBE AO Australia’s renowned international accompanist 1985–1995
Phillip Moll International accompanist and chamber musician 1996 continuing

A selection from Annual Events


The Choral Repetiteur, Stephen Walter/pf, Elizabeth Silsbury/cond, The Adelaide Chorus


Baroque Accomp for Harpsichord and Piano, Ann Whelan/harps, Diana Weekes /pf


Vocal Coaching, Shirley Hicks with Tasso Bouyessis, Pauline Harris, Catherine Koerner, First Register of Accompanists


Recital, Merryn Brose/pf, William Hennessey/vln, Mozart, Bartok, Beethoven Kreutzer


Recital/demo, Alison Holder/pf, Margaret Ferrie/sop, Settings of the same poems


Demonstration, Choral Accompt, Hilary Weiland/cond, Leith Rogers/pf, Grad Singers


Recital Diana Harris/pf, Brenton Langbein/vln, Nielson, Janacek, Stravinsky


Recital by Young Accompanists and associates: Anna Goldsworthy with Liam Duffield/voice; Kate Stevens with Karen Fletcher/fl; Matthew Casey(Harpsi) with Ales Rasch/ob; Alex Macfarlane(guit) with Barnaby Eaton/voice


Recital/demo, Roy Howat /pf and Alan Smith/vln Mozart K454 and Franck Sonatas


Lecture/demo, Tom Kassai, Pop and Jazz Chordal Accompaniments


Lecture/demo, Jeannie Marsh/mezzo, Diana Harris/pf, 20th C Vocal Repertoire


Geoffrey Parsons Memorial Concert, participants – Beryl Kimber, Guila Tiver, Diana Harris, Bernard and Sarah Depasquale, Greg Roberts (tribute), Geoffrey Parsons (audio)


Lecture/demo, Anne Adamek, Vocal Coaching


Recital, Schubertiade, 9 pianists and 9 associate artists in an all Schubert program


Recital/demo Isabelle Trüb/pf and Niall Brown/vc


Lecture/demo, Glenys March/harps and pf, Baroque Music and the Accompanist


Junior Accompanists at Allans: Cheryl Atherton, Leigh Harrold and Alexander Hanysz


Lecture/demo, Timothy Sexton (conductor, singer, pianist, composer) Experiences in Music Theatre and Opera with A. Hanysz/pf, Eugene Raggio/barit, Nicolina Fragnito/sop


Soirée – Brian /pf and Jillian Chatterton/sop – from Co-Opera


Inaugural Month of Accompanists – 5 weeks of lunch time concerts at Pilgrim Church


2nd Month of Accompanists. Guest artist Phillip Moll, 4 weeks of lunch time recitals including Moll Recital with Yuko Takemichi/sop and Elizabeth Koch/fl


3rd Month of Accompanists. 4 weeks, including non piano specialist teachers Keith Crellin, Elizabeth Koch and Howard Parkinson accompanying their students. The website began.


1st Festival of Accompanists evolved from Month of Accompanists – 4 weeks – David Miller (Sydney Con) Musician in Residence. Recital with Elizabeth Campbell/mezzo


2nd/4th Festival of Accompanists – 2 weeks – Musician in Residence Jean-Paul Sévilla, Recital with Terence Tam/vln concert master ASO


Silver Anniversary of the Accompanists’ Guild, extensive 5th Festival of Accompanists, Musician in Residence, Malcolm Martineau, recital with Jonathan Lemalu/bass-barit NZ, inaugural Australian 3 day Conference of Accompanists and Associate Artists with presenters and delegates from all Australian states and territories


Art Song Seminar in conjunction with ANATS, Simon Kenway, conductor, repetiteur, Teresa La Rocca/sop: Lecture /demo, masterclass, recital 6th Festival of Accompanists – 2 weeks – Musician in Residence Leslie Howard, recital with Niki Vasilakis/vln

Interstate and overseas contributors to AGSA’s programs

1983 Stephen McIntyre Piano VIC
Recital with Christopher Bogg
1985 Douglas Craig Opera Director UK
Getting the most out of Opera Singers
1986 James Lyke Piano USA
Judge Accompanists’ Prize
1988 Prof Heribert Esser Piano Germany SA
Lieder Masterclass
1989 Donna Hallen Loewy Piano USA
Judge Accompanists’ Prize
1990 Anthony Jennings Harpsichord NZ
1990 Constance Channon Douglas Piano USA/Italy
Judge Accompanists’ Prize
1990 Brenton Langbein Violin Suisse/Austr
Recital with Diana Harris
1992 Roy Howat Piano Scotland
Mozart and C Franck with Alan Smith
1992 Marie-Noelle Kendall Piano UK
Chamber Music Masterclass
1992 Maureen Jones PianoAus/Italy
Judge Associate Artist Award
1993 Stephen McIntyre Piano Vic
1993 David Miller Piano NSW
Recital with Friedrich Gauwerky vc
1994 Jeannie Marsh Mezzo VIC
20th Century Vocal Repertoire-D Harris piano
1995 Beryl Kimber Violin SA/NSW
Geoffrey Parsons Memorial Concert
1996 Dr Margaret Pride Conductor WA
The Pianist and Choral Conductor
1996 Alberto Miodini Pianist Italy
Judge Associate Artist Award
1997 Sue Witham Pianist QLD
Swapping notes with Queensland Guild
1998 Peter and Gudren Bartels Fl/pf VIC
Lecture/demo Repertoire flandpf
1999 Helen Yorke Piano UK/US
Voice/pf Workshop
1999 Tamara Anna Cislowska Piano NSW
Judge Associate Artist Award
2000 Teresa La Rocca Soprano NSW/SA
Winner’s Recital with Alexander Hanysz
2001 Nicholas Milton Violin/SA
Masterclass playing with Nicholas
2002 Prof Charles Bodman Rae Piano UK/SA
Address and masterclass
2004 Phillip Moll Piano Berlin/US
Pianist in Residence – Festival of Accompanists
2004 Yuko Takemichi Soprano Jap/Berlin
Recital with P Moll and E Koch
2006 David Miller Piano NSW
Pianist in Residence – Festival of Accompanists
2007 Jean-Paul Sévilla Piano France
Pianist in Residence – Festival of Accompanists
2008 Malcolm Martineau Piano Scotland
Pianist in Residence 25th Celebrations
2008 David Barnard Piano UK/ex-Aus
Masterclass and Recitals 25th Celebrations
2008 Jonathan Lemalu Bass-baritone NZ
Recital with Malcolm Martineau
2009 Leslie Howard Piano UK/Aus
Pianist in Residence – Festival of Accompanists

The Prizes for the Accompanist

  • 1984 value $200
  • 2008 Silver Anniversary value $6000 (prize pool)

The Accompanists’ Prize

at the Flinders Street School of Music



1984 Bernard Depasquale Stefan Ammer, Romola Costantino, Noreen Stokes
1985 Jillianne Bartsch Alison Holder, David Lockett, Margaret Lambert
1986 Jennifer Campbell Monika Laczofy, Dr James Lyke, Diana Harris
1987 Kaye Fitton Anne Adamek, Shirley Hicks, David McSkimming
1988 Competition cancelled due to illness
1989 Julie Sargeant Rodney Smith, Mary Le Page, Donna Hallen Loewy
1990 Rosemary Robinson Diana Weekes, David Lockett, Constance Channon Douglas
1991 Michael Seifried Glenys March, Monika Laczofy, Merryn Brose

Associate Artist Award

at the Barossa International Festival



1992 Jamie Cock Maureen Jones (Barossa) Brian Chatterton, Diana Harris,
1993 Inna Fursa Wolfram Lorenzen (Barossa), Mary Le Page, Diana Harris
1994 Josephine Gillespie and Leslie Pearson (Barossa) Leith Rogers, Stefan Ammer, Nerissa Pearce

Geoffrey Parsons Memorial Associate Artist Award



1995 Esther Mae Wong John Russell (Barossa), Leonie Hempton, Frances Wood

Geoffrey Parsons Award



1996 Nerissa Pearce Alberto Miodini (Barossa), Margaret Ferrie, Rodney Smith
1997 Cheryl West Dale Ringland, Noreen Stokes, Diana Harris
1998 Leigh Harrold Isabelle Trüb, Mary Le Page, Yvonne Schwerdt (Barossa)
1999 Alexander Hanysz Tamara Anna Cislowska (Barossa), Monika Laczofy, Margaret McDonald
2000 Leigh Harrold Richard Casey (Barossa), Anne Adamek, Berenice Harrison
2001 Irina Lioubimova Mary Le Page, Stefan Ammer, Diana Harris
2002 No competition Barossa Festival cancelled and Flinders Street School of Music closed

At Elder Conservatorium



2003 Ashley Hribar Brian Chatterton, Julie Sargeant, Mary Le Page
2004 Michael Ierace Phillip Moll, Elizabeth Koch, Diana Harris
2005 Yuh T’sun Wu Roy Howat, Margaret Ferrie, Jeffrey Kong
2006 Anthony Hunt David Miller, Keith Hempton, Alexander Hanysz
2007 Amir Farid Jean-Paul Sévilla, Stephen Whittington, Leonie Hempton

The Silver Anniversary Geoffrey Parsons Award

Sponsored by the Geoffrey Parsons Memorial Trust, London



2008 Amanda Hodder Malcolm Martineau, David Miller, Stephen McIntyre, Elizabeth Koch, Diana Harris

Geoffrey Parsons Award

2009 Mark Sandon Leslie Howard, Rodney Smith, Frances Wood

The Winners’ Subsequent Recitals

1985 to 2001: Recital Room or Auditorium at the Flinders Street School of Music, then as indicated.



Associate Artists

1985 Bernard Depasquale Prof David Galliver/ten and Sarah Baldacchino/vln
1986 Jillianne Bartsch Danielle Jaquillard/vln and Dean Patterson/barit
1987 Jennifer Campbell Alan McKie/barit
1988 Kaye Fitton Beryl Kimber/vln and Jennifer McDonell/sop
1990 Julie Sargeant Keith Crellin/vla and Virginia Kable/vc
1991 Rosemary Robinson Elizabeth Koch/fl, Guila Tiver/mezzo, Frances Norton pf
1992 Michael Seifried Amanda Fairs/vln and Lewis Mitchell/fl
1993 Jamie Cock Giselle Blanchard/sop, Zdenek Bruderhans/fl, Elinor Lea/vln
1994 Inna Fursa Annette Greenshields/cl, Debra Andreacchio/pf, Anita Slotte-Kumar/sop,Warwick Tyrrell/trmb.
1995 N Pearce and J Gillespie Natasha Stanly/vln, Gregory Blackman/cl, Tania Cavaiuolo/sop
1996 Esther Mae Wong Janis Laurs/vc
1997 Nerissa Pearce Teresa La Rocca/sop
1998 Cheryl West Michael Milton/vln, Andrew Close/cl
1999 Leigh Harrold Linda Pirie/fl and Niall Brown/vc
2000 Alexander Hanysz Teresa La Rocca/sop
2001 Leigh Harrold Keith Crellin/vla
2002 Irina Lioubimova Rosalind Martin/sop (September 11)

Pilgrim Church

2004 Ashley Hribar Wendy Heiligenberg/vln, Louise Nowland/cl

Elder Hall

2005 Michael Ierace Sophie Rowell/vln
2006 Yuh T’sun Wu Imants Larsens/vln and Jillian Chatterton/sop

Pilgrim Church

2007 Anthony Hunt Imants Larsens/vln and Gemma Phillips/vc

Cynthia Poulton Hall

2008 No 2007 winner’s recital – As more interstate pianists were involved in the Award it was decided that the subsequent recital was too awkward and potentially too expensive to retain.

Masterclasses given by:

Romola Costantino, Douglas Craig (UK Opera Director), Noreen Stokes/2, Stefan Ammer, Prof Heribert Esser, John O’Donnell (NSW organ /harpsichord), Anthony Jennings (NZ early music) Greg Roberts (Vic, ex SA Music Theatre), Marie-Noelle Kendall (UK), Glenys March/2, Stephen McIntyre/2 (Vic), David Shephard (cl rep) Nicholas Milton, Prof Charles Bodman Rae, Phillip Moll, Timothy Sexton/2, Diana Weekes, David Miller/2, Darryl Coote (Vic), Jean-Paul Sévilla (France), Malcolm Martineau (UK), David Barnard, Ashleigh Tobin, Leigh Harrold, Leslie Howard.

Young Accompanists Showcase

Began as Junior Accompanists’ Event in 2000 and recommenced as the Young Accompanists’ Showcase in 2005 with the backing of SA Youth Arts Board and generous individual donors.

Young Accompanists have included:

Lucy Burke, Keturah Dennison, Alexandra Drewniak, Marianna Grynchuk/3, India Hooi, Michael Lydeamore, Jane Thompson, Warwick Ambrose/2, Robin Parkin, Mark Stefanoff, Caitlin Thomas, Vivanna Wan, Alice Wharldall, Ada Chan, James Hemphill, Candy Liang, Will Roxburgh, Stefannie Wall, Jacqueline Raymond, Matthew Nguyen, Matthew Chu, Natalie Leung, Brenna Mackay and Helen Zhou

Professional soloists working with our secondary school pianists include:

Lisi McGowran/vc, Lisa Gill/fl/2, Bogdan Kazimierczak/vln/2, Jessica Dean/sop, David Perry/barit, Jillian Chatterton/sop, Meredith Boyle/hn, Robert Macfarlane/ten, Rosalind Martin /sop, Will Newbery/vla, Karen Fletcher/fl, Mary-Ann van der Hoek/mezzo, Vanessa Neagle/vln, Stevan Pavlovic/tuba, Peter Handsworth/cl, Naomi Hede/sop, Samantha Hennessy/fl and Imants Larsens/vln/vla

Extracts from the Guild’s History compiled by Joan Atkinson, Diana Harris, Berenice Harrison and Mary Le Page