David Barnard came across as a fine teacher, showing great enthusiasm and sharing accompanists’ “tools of the trade” with us in the audience – an excellent masterclass. 

Anna Lester – clarinet teacher formerly DECS IMS re Barnard MClass in Young Accompanists on Show 

Young Accompanists on Show provided a wonderful platform for pianists and wind players of mostly secondary school age to engage in a very practical way with professional musicians…

Thanks to very generous sponsorship by the Adelaide City Council, these two concerts, the lunch and the masterclass were provided free of charge. The enthusiasm and goodwill on the day, coupled with the extraordinary educational experience for the participants made it one of the highlights of the Festival.

Leonie Hempton – Marryatville HS teacher – Delegate, Presenter, SA

I felt it went very smoothly and absolutely loved meeting Malcolm and hearing what he had to say. on what has clearly been a huge success.

Graham Abbott – Conductor, ABC Classic FM – re his Conference interview with Martineau

As an instrumentalist I really enjoyed the ideas and musical inspiration generated at this wonderful Conference 

Helen Tuckey – violist WASO – Presenter & Delegate WA

Thank you for a wonderful afternoon and a very good evening.  What is important today is that you can at least be sure that you have an artistic triumph on you hands .( the Martineau/Lemalu Recital)

Anthony Steel AM – Festival Director, Recitals Australia President

I personally came away feeling more invigorated and grateful to my accompanists.

Naomi Hede ANATS Secretary- Organizer Martineau Masterclass May 27 – Delegate

Thank you and all the members of the Guild and others who put so much time and prodigious energy into initiating and organising such a unique event. The events throughout the week definitely heightened the magic of the much awaited recital yesterday afternoon (in perfect early winter sunlight) .It was a privilege to be there.

Janette Porteous – Delegate

Malcolm Martineau, through gentle encouragement and good humour, as well as his vast knowledge and musicianship, was able to illicit some quite extraordinary performances from these young and quite inexperienced singers and pianists.(Martineau Junior Masterclass – May 29)

Leonie Hempton – Marryatville Special Music High School – SA

A short note to congratulate you on what has been an outstanding Festival of Accompanists. I thoroughly enjoyed the recitals on Friday and Sunday . and was delighted to meet Malcolm – what a superb accompanist and role model for any young accompanists who may have attended the Festival. Excellent reviews in the Advertiser and today’s Australian.

Stephen Phillips – General Director, The State Opera of South Australia

I thought it was an excellent conference  …it must have been really well organized for things to go so smoothly as well! The concert on Sunday was amazing.

Viv Muller  – Delegate – SA

…it was absolutely wonderful! the general atmosphere around the Con was really exciting. I do think that Malcolm made quite an impact on some who weren’t expecting it (not the least, students who might not have even heard of him!) Certainly my kids found the sessions they had with him and David really rewarding.

Leonie Hempton – Marryatville HS, MD St Peter’s Cathedral Choir, Presenter – Delegate – SA

CONGRATULATIONS on a wonderful National Conference of Accompanists and Associate Artists. While I could only have an ‘outsiders’ appreciation, I found the Saturday program rich and rewarding. I will never “see” an accompanist in the same way again.

Geraldine Slattery – psychologist – Delegate – SA

Congratulations on a stimulating conference and what a marvellous closing recital!! 

John Hall – retired Harmony Choir conductor, accompanist, – Delegate – SA

…congratulations on organising & carrying off a most successful conference! It was a brilliant gathering of like-minded people, a feast of music & information & insights, with a glorious concert to crown the success!

Margaret White – teacher, accompanist – Delegate – SA

It was an absolute blast and I have had so much positive feedback from so many people. I had a great time participating and observing – so much to learn!! Can’t believe how wonderful Martineau is in every way 

Julie Sargeant -AGSA Committee Member, masterclass participant – Delegate- SA

The Conference was a stunning success…

Jody Heald – State President, Tas MTA, Australasian Piano Pedagogy Assn National Chairman – Delegate- Tas.

I am SO glad I made the trek from the east. I met so many lovely people and was much impressed by the standard of performance by the young people. The Conference was so very well organized 

Christine McCarthy  – Delegate – NSW

…re Jonathan and Malcolm’s recital – – I enjoyed it very much. Jonathan has such a powerful instrument and the two performed as one ( Malcolm was amazing)

Anthony Peluso  – State Manager Musica Viva Australia – SA

The worth of an event such as the conference we all attended cannot really be overstated, and I feel particularly proud that SA was the first state to host such an event! so many things about the conference were first-rate . this one really stood out in terms of constant turnover of ideas and sustaining of interest. I think the fact that all us presenters were admonished to keep it short really helped (there have always been one or two people in other events I’ve attended that have wildly overstepped their time parameters!).The breadth of topics convered was truly fascinating .

Leigh Harrold  – Presenter & Delegate, Vic

The significance of an accompanists’ conference?  – A different sort of networking to teaching conferences; valuable. The presence of interstate attendees made the occasion vibrant. 

Bonnie Claassen – Delegate SA

Congratulations .– no doubt the biggest event in the history of the Guild, and probably one of the most memorable but the inspiration will carry us along with confidence & enthusiasm there was such an air of fun & enjoyment in everything people did, it was quite amazing  I too was absolutely dazzled by Malcolm Martineau — how he used his excellent technique to greatest effect & how brilliantly he associated with Jonathan.  The audience was very well aware that there were two people performing an “equal music”  I wonder if there has been a similar sort of conference anywhere in the world?  And I sincerely hope that all States of Aust. will develop a Guild to assist & train keyboard players for this important part of music making.

Gwenda Rees – AGSA Hon Life Member – Delegate – SA

It was one of the most inspiring weeks I’ve ever had – the time I spent with Malcolm was inspiring beyond words & the Conference was just fantastic. It’s so rare to have the chance to spend time with other accompanists & to hear so many other people express what I think & feel was like a tonic!

Amanda Hodder  – Geoffrey Parsons Award winner – Presenter & Delegate Vic

The conference was incredibly well organised and so ran wonderfully smoothly. .I was surprised by the range from the latest in musicological thought about Brahms performance with Sheila Guymer to a chatty inteview between Graham Abbott and Malcolm Martineau. To have secured Malcolm Martineau’s presence for the best part of a week was a major coup. His ability to sing as well as accompany meant his master class for accompanists of singers was particularly illuminating while his recital with Jonathon Lemalu was an example of the supreme technique and musicianship needed by a top professional accompanist 

Jane Wilson – Delegate SA

…how wonderful the ENTIRE week was. As far as having another conference? YES, but you set the benchmark so high that the other states would be hard pushed to come up with anything in the same league as what we had I found the conference exhilarating, informative and such a privilege to have been able to listen to Malcolm and David during the masterclasses.Their enthusiasm and expertise were inspiring.  I now look at any accompaniment in a different light The content of each segment was excellent.  Each one left me wanting more and on a couple of occasions wished I had been able to be in two places at once.

Fiona McCauley – Delegate SA

Thank you so much for all your hard work, wisdom and efficiency and for affording us the opportunity to hear Malcolm Martineau, David Barnard and Jonathan Lemalu, especially that exquisite final recital.   For my part I enjoyed meeting so many delegates from the other states and sharing our ideas and enthusiasms. The conference was the highlight of 2008.

Paula Clarkstone – Delegate NSW

 Some  Conference one-liners noted by Alexander Hanysz

Malcolm Martineau on playing things more simply as he gets older: “It’s not lazy… it’s just wiping the window a bit cleaner.”

David Miller on “following”: “A boat has two oarsmen!”

Emily Kilpatrick on Ravel’s songs: “If the singer is the storyteller then the pianist is the illustrator.”

Margaret King on the diverse roles of accompanists: “…from fashion adviser to marriage counsellor.”

Leigh Harrold on accompanying at ANAM: “It’s like a summer school that never ends!” and “The word ‘accompanist’ is superfluous: first and foremost we are all pianists.”

Stephen McIntyre on the importance of all musicians learning piano: “Pianists are very fortunate because, of course, they _start_off_ playing the piano!”

Amanda Hodder on the role of the accompanist in the community: “Accompanists make great bridesmaids” — but nowadays she makes this joke less and less (it isn’t funny any more)

Monika Laczofy on accompanying tertiary students: “They need help, but they mustn’t be _seen_ to be being helped.”

David Miller in  the panel discussion: “The best part of a song is after the singer has finished singing.” (Dichterliebe!)

Alexander Hanysz  – Presenter & Delegate SA

Dear Lord Mayor,

I am an Indian journalist now on a longish visit to Adelaide. I am writing this mail to extend my heartiest congratulations to you and the Adelaide City Council for supporting the wonderful “Young Accompanists On Show” held at the Pilgrim Church last month. It is heartening that the City Council supports cultural activities that inspire young artists. My post — “Adelaide: South Australian Wine & Music” — on this event has been published in The Moderate Voice (USA) where I am an International Columnist.

Swaraaj Chauhan – audience member Young Accompanists on Show – India

WELL DONE!!! – all the organisers must have put your all into planning and organising and everything, and the results were worth every bit of that effort. The Handbook/Programme was very well presented and informative. It’s interesting and inspiring to look back now and then at it, and see how people’s careers have progressed through their bios, and recall people’s presentations.

Andrew Georg – Delegate SA

A tremendous achievement in creating such a brilliant event. The range and variety of music, performers and presenters was huge and it all flowed like a well-directed opera!  Wonderful organisation and attention to detail is the reason. The marvellous contributions of Malcolm Martineau were such a gift.  Adjectives like “inspiring, confirming, enriching, imaginative, informative” spring to mind but words are inadequate.  I felt very encouraged and uplifted in my approach to my beloved profession. I relished the opportunity to present the Schoenberg with Prue.  Moreover the conference has inspired us to actively seek more performance engagements.  We are currently developing a website and publicity material. 

P.S. I forgot to mention the handbook, bursting with valuable information, and the delicious food!!!

Maryleigh Hand – Presenter and Delegate NSW

Although I only attended on the Saturday, as an instrumentalist I really enjoyed the various aspects and approaches to musicianship, education and performance that were programmed so well.  It was so musically beneficial for instrumentalists, as well as singers and pianists.  Many thanks to all who were involved with this wonderful and inspiring Conference, and I hope that we see and hear more from you in the future.

Helen Tuckey – Presenter & Delegate WA

The light refreshments that were included in the cost were appreciated There was a selection of food available for the increasing number of people that may have food intolerance or allergies .

David Miller’s sardonic humour was masterfully mischievous as an antedote to the endemic misunderstandings of the work we do 

I particularly appreciated the opportunity to learn. 

I appreciated the inclusion of musicians of diverse ages. I love learning how younger musicians tick. I enjoy their enthusiasm and willingness to learn. 

A rare opportunity to swim in music in varied ways – as audience and as participant in thought provoking discussions . 

Sessions with experienced (and witty) accompanists on the specific skills required for choral, dance and orchestral reduction techniques were great. 

The short sessions were a good idea. Encouraging awareness of priorities in making a choice between the dual discussions. Allowing for absorbing information and the possibility of following up the threads. 

Keeping to scheduled times minimised any sense of beating against time.

Jeanette Porteous – Delegate SA

…it was so exciting to participate in a conference where everyone’s focus was on the art of accompanying, which I am very interested in. It was just wonderful to hear the Sunday concert after having seen Malcolm Martineau’s master classes and his interview – I enjoyed their performance very much and felt a little sad when the conference was all over. quality of sessions I attended was very high and the conference covered a wide range of topics. 

I particularly enjoyed the interview by Graham Abbott, wonderful performance by David Barnard during the Saturday morning session, and the Master classes. Margaret King’s session covered another important aspect of accompanying singers and I was very glad it was included in the conference.

Leigh Harrold’s and Alexander Hanysz’s sessions were very practical and I thought they were so generous in sharing their practical tools and approach to day to day challenges faced by busy professional accompanists.the organisation of the conference was very professional and smooth. 

I sent in my registration form less than a week before the events, thinking that it might be too late to be accepted. However I received all the information and receipt within two days and I was very appreciative of it.

Sachiko Hidaka – SA