JEM (Junior Ensemble Musicians) 2012

Download and print the Application Form here for full details.

The Accompanists’ Guild of SA provides an opportunity for six or seven young pianists to enjoy a new experience: that of performing in a small ensemble – the art of ‘Chamber Music’.

The pianists will be joined by two other instrumentalists (also Primary School age) chosen by the Convenor in consultation with teachers.

Preparation will result in a public Concert on September 26, 2012, which will be recorded by 5MBS.

Anna Coppens is the Masterclass Presenter. Her bio can be found on the Application Form. Anna is highly respected by her students and ideally qualified for this engagement which, to conform with AGSA’s “Year of Winds” (the Festival focus for 2012), will include a wind instrument in each trio.

Monika Laczofy is the JEM Convenor.

JEM (Junior Ensemble Musicians) Application form available
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